Brokers of Peace-

By Jennifer Rawlings

4:35am -I can’t sleep. It’s not a hot flash, it’s a broken heart. Another terrorist attack this time in London.

Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation , especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims”

In the last two weeks dozens of terrorist attacks have occurred in places like Manchester, Kabul, Baghdad, Nigeria, Syria, Bangkok, Pakistan, Somalia, Thailand, India, Kenya, Greece, Philippines, Peru and Portland Oregon.

5:35am- I call my friend Genevieve in London to see how she and her husband are doing. Genevieve is understandably shaken; we talk for half an hour about the state of the world. And at the end of the conversation we talked about what WE can do.

WE THE PEOPLE of this beautiful world can either stand still and watch it crumble around us OR we can stand tall and change course.

This is going to take a a lot of work . Sadly, for the United States and the world, the current US President would rather divide than unite.

Don’t despair; billions of us around the globe are stronger than one man wrapped around the pinkie of Putin.

People not politicians WILL make the world great again.

I usually don’t talk poltics and tend to be an optimist. President number 45 is on the wrong side of humanity. But there are 535 in Congress, and 9 people on the Supreme Court most of whom love their fellow man

Today is call to action for people of all races, religions and political persuasions.

Join together-

Everyday citizens have the power to become brokers of peace. Build bridges of understanding instead of burning them down.Social media and so many news outlets has made us a world of “us and them”.

Let’s change it to a world of “ me and you”.

Five things to do this week fellow peace brokers:

  • GO out of your way to have a conversation with a stranger
  • Donate to a charity- either with money or elbow grease.
  • Find something positive to say about someone you disagree with.
  • Plant a garden
  • Tell the people around you how much love and care about them

Love will always trump hate even in our darkest hours.