The Sad State of Florida

ImageBy Jennifer Rawlings

It’s been nearly 48 hours and the news is still as unsettling now as it was then. How could a man see someone walking in the rain, assume that person was “up to no good”, grab his gun, get in his car, follow that person in his car, then chase this person, have a fight because the man scared this person- because as it turns out this person was a child- barely 17, shoot the child, be found not guilty and be given his gun back?

I like to think that our justice system is fair ,and that people receive a fair trial, and that grown men who murder children will go to jail- none of that is true.

One can only hope that the murder of Trayvon Martin will lead to changes in Florida’s absurd “Stand your ground law”

I hope that our gun laws change- but I won’t hold my breath for that miracle.

Why exactly did George Zimmerman need to pack a gun to follow someone walking in the rain with skittles and a sugary ice tea?

Is walking against the law? Why did he get out of the car?

Where is the “reasonable doubt”? G.Z followed the boy in his car, and then on foot for WALKING down the street.

My heart aches for the parents of Trayvon Martin and his family. I hope they can use this platform to help create real change.

I had always hoped that the saying was true “ Justice is Blind”, sadly that is not the case in Florida.

2 thoughts on “The Sad State of Florida

  1. Half truths repeated are still half truths! Even if GZ was following Martin it was still Martin that attacked GZ. Hit him, knocked him down and was beating him up. If GZ did not have a gun you would be reading how a neighbor watch man was assaulted and killed by an unknown assailant. And it would never have made the evening news.

    1. I understand your point, I would just like to offer this scenario. Have you ever been followed in a car while walking? I have. It’s terrfying and then to have the car stop and the person chase you on foot when all you were doing was walking home. Thats a very scary scenario for anyone. So if we played out the theory you present- Trayvon Martin would have had every right to “stand his ground” he was being chased by a stranger.
      That night there was a 17 year old walking home, and a grown man who packed a gun and pursued a teenager for “walking” I dont expect to sway your opinion and I respectfully agree to differ. Thank you for your comment

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