By Jennifer Rawlings

Last Sunday I was in Rota, Spain a tiny little beach town located on the Southern coast of Spain. I started my day at an outdoor café with a simple Spanish breakfast of toast, tomatoes and jamon with olive oil drizzled on top and café con leche.

I then headed for the gorgeous beach which was only a block way. The beach was packed with beach goers of all ages, most of the men in Speedos and many of the women topless- regardless of age or body type. It was a welcome contradiction to the “body obsessed, implant Barbie dolls” that loll about on the beaches in Southern California. Parents and grandparents were actually playing with their children rather than chatting away on their iphones or tuning out others with headphones and itunes.

Around 3pm I headed back to my hotel for a siesta. At 3pm the streets of Rota literally roll up. All the stores, cafes, and bars close from 3 to 7 and then re-open for the evening.

When we went to dinner at about 10 pm the cafes were packed with families and the sidewalks crammed with strollers. It was wonderful to see people of all ages from 6 weeks to 96 years enjoying a perfect summer evening.

As I raised a glass of Sangria to toast my friends it struck me that each moment and each day needs to be cherished and celebrated.

Thank you Spain for reminding me of the importance of a good nap, and for the way you embrace life in all of its ages and stages.