( originally published on Hybridmom)

Personally I am ready for the calendar to shift from 2010 to 2011. I don’t enjoy the rapid passage of time and the way one year blends into the next and how our children grow and change so quickly. One minute your child is writing a letter in crayon to Santa Claus and in the next breath they are driving. The march of time is rapid and it can’t be stopped. So instead of trying to “stop time” and holding onto old ways for reasons of sentimentality ( like the song “Auld Lang Syne” suggests), tradition, or even fear. I suggest approaching the New Year as a “ new person” a person who is longer bound by fear or tradition.

What I like about New Years is that the year in front of us blank page that is yet to be written on. Anything is possible. There are endless opportunities for beginning a new chapter with new goals and a new story line.

This NEW year is a chance to make the commitment and promise ourselves to be better people in the new year than we were in the past. To resolve to eat better, exercise more, save more money, give more to charity, and most importantly: reacquaint ourselves with our dreams and goals.

Adults, especially women, rarely get a chance to remind ourselves of what we really want out of life; to ask ourselves the question: “what do I actually stand for?” We are often so overwhelmed with schedules and financial responsibilities that we forget the woman that we want to be and we find ourselves living a life guided by obligations instead of by principals.

Take a deep breath, and then take out a pen and paper. Draw a word picture of the life you want to be living, then start writing down the steps of how you are going to get there. When self-doubt starts to creep in… keep writing. It’s never too late to reach your dreams and goals. It’s your life and you set the rules.

As you flush out the new portrait of your life and establish a path for getting there, don’t forget to feed your mind and spirit. Schedule time to read, to meditate, to pray and a quiet time to be thankful.

Our dreams and goals are like our children. They need to be nurtured and loved in order to grow. And when we stumble and fall, on our new path we need to get back up, ask for help sometimes and reassure ourselves that we can do it.

Welcome the New Year and the new woman you want to see in the mirror by dusting off your dreams and making them a reality. You owe it to yourself and the ones you love to be the woman you were created to be.

Have a  NEW- year in 2011!!!